GRADS of 1976

35th Anniversary High School Reunion

Bring your Family and Friends

Graduates, Non Graduates, Friends & Family, and School Pals from previous / post Years who Schooled in Jasper all Invited

Dates are July 29, 30, 31. August Long Weekend, 2011

The Venue will be Pine Bungalows at Jasper Alberta

Meals and Accommodations Reduced Rates are Available

To Book your Accommodations with Pine Bungalows

Call 780-852-3491,  Email:

Revised Preliminary Itinerary

Venue - Ping Bungalows Conference Centre - Walkenden Building

Pass the gate and continue on the one way road, go past the office, around the lawn, after passing the conference centre make a left and park in front of the buildings.

Friday Eve: Meet and Great, Beer and Home Made Burgers at Pine Bungalows
Open House, Friends & Family, and School Pals from previous Years Welcome.
A somewhat self catered event operated by volunteers that would like to demonstrate there culinary skills.

Saturday Day: Free Day, Explore Jasper

Saturday Eve: Grads Class Dinner, Open Mic Evening,
Dinner (Roast Prime Rib)

Sunday Day: Group Functions, Nature Walk approx 3 hours, Jasper Tourist Activities - Discount Coupons may be available at Pine Bung.

Sunday Eve: Open House, Friends & Family, and School Pals from previous Years Welcome
Dinner: Steak BBQ, a somewhat self catered event operated by volunteers that would like to demonstrate there culinary skills again.

Monday: Continental Breakfast at Pine Bungalows

Itinerary Subject to Change Depending on Attendance and Weather

Pine Bungalows can provide discounted rates on some activities such as Sky Tram, Maligne Lake Boat Tour, Motor Cycle Tour, Icefields Tour, etc


All Inclusive - Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday; $50 per person
Friday Burger BBQ; $10
Saturday Buffet Dinner;$25
Sunday Steak BBQ;$20
Monday Continental Breakfast;$10

There will be bar service, drinks will be available at minimal cost as possible.

There will be a Taxi service on standby for people who need transportation to and from Pine Bung.

Some have expressed concerned that the itinerary is a bit to much, 3 nights and 1 morning, therefore there is an individual price breakdown per session. The individual event price may be subject to slight change. It is understandable the folks from out of town will want to spend time with family and other so choose your preferences accordingly. It would be great to see everyone at the Saturday Eve dinner. The price scheme is such that if you opt for the all inclusive it basically covers any 3 and the forth is a freebee. - somewhat.

To reduce cost we are planning the Friday and Sunday eves to be a somewhat self serve / volunteer program. Some have already volunteered services but we could use a few more so if you would like to pitch in with this that would be great, let me know. Duties such as preparing salad / veggie dishes, appies, working the BBQ etc.

We need a head count as to who is going to attend what - how many of you.

* Please reply to me with this info as we need to know for our grocery shopping list.

Comments and suggestions are welcome.

Please reply to me with the requested information - even if I already know, most importantly head counts and attendance to what events.

If you have any good pictures, class pics etc, please forward to me. I will eventually post some on the website as well.


1976 Year Book Grade 12 Older School Pals

Teachers that may be in town

  and people that missed Grad  
Barrie Bridgeman (2,2,2) Anne Vuksanovich (0) Angela Dabetic
Barry Hayne Bev Ovelson (0,2,0) Neil Fenton
Brent Cummings Brian Young (0,?,0) Edna Weeks
Brian Wilson (1,2,0) Cindy Minkensky Barney Hughes
Cheryl McCrea (0) Connie Dirk Susan Rowan
Chris Vouronikos Elizabeth Hesse Joan Rowan
Cindy Garford (0,2,?) Garry Stubbs (0) Ron Steers
Diane French (2,2,0) James Walker (1,2,?)  
Diane Miller (0) Joan Classen (1,1,?)  
Diane Syrja (0,2,2) Jody Trautman  
Don Cacket Jolene Woody  
Ed Neis Ken Fry  
Eloise Savoie (0) Marey Carey (0)  
Felix Dietiker (0) Mark Coumont  
Glenn Howard (1,1,1) Mary Derosa  
Jim Vena Randy Seeley  
Joan Richards (0) Richard Schmidt  
John Cope (0) Rick Sand  
John Harmata (0) Rick Seeley  
June Burstrom (?,3,?) Ricky Seeley  
Kelly McConnell Ross Pigeon (0)  
Ken Middleton (1,2,0) Tammy Tavender  
Ken Whiteman (?) Toni Pasolli  
Leo Neis

Trevor Blasko

Lori Dowling (0,2,0)


Luigi Gatti (0)


Lynn Dalley (0,1,0)    
Marilou Rasmussen (0)    
Mark Ferguson    
Mark Whiteman (1,2,?)    
Marrianne Peleshaty (1,1,2)    
Mike Wasuita (?,?,?)    
Ned Everest    
Patricia Sherrif (0,2,?)    
Raiko Dabetic (?,?,?)    
Ralph Kamprath    
Reg Cook (?,?,?)    
Rick Carter (?)    
Rita Zahara (2,2,2)    
Rose Anne Stanley (0,1,0)    
Susan Cunningham (0)    
Susan Yakiwchuk (0,2,0)    
Theresa Anderson (?,2,?    
Tom Clarke    
Val Edwards    
Vivian Jensen (1,2,0)    
Vivian Stanley (0,1,0)    
Yvonne Bourque (0,2,0)    

People Who Have Not Been Contacted / Can't Find Them

People Who Have Been Contacted / Advised of Reunion / Unconfirmed

People Who Have Confirmed Attendance of Reunion

People to Whom Message Sent or Awaiting Contact Info

People Not Going to Make It (0)

Please Help to Track Down People and Spread the Message

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Grade 7 Tour of Parliament Building in Edmonton

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